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Model update

So, I created a Khorne Berzerker lord of Chaos, on a Juggernaught, wielding a plasma pistol and a Bloodletter Hellblade (acting as a Daemon weapon). I decided to paint the model black with red crosses, as a parody of the Blood Angels Death Company, as if he was a Fallen Blood Angel.

Next, talking of Blood Angels, I finished the second bike squad of the Blood Drinkers, with 2 plasma gunners and a Sergeant armed with a power fist.

Also, here is a photo of the Blood Drinkers Death Company, mostly finished - 7 models done, 5 more to go but I won't be able to get the remaining 5 until next week (which is when they come out).

Finally, I am trying out Photobucket as an online store for images on this blog, to see how it works

Space Marine force revamp in progress

So, I'm currently working on re-versioning my Blood Drinkers Space Marines, in line with what they'll be getting in the new Blood Angels codex, coming out in 2 weeks time. I can use this codex, as the chapter I've painted the models as is a Blood Angel successor chapter (I made the colour scheme decision over 9 months ago)
I've decided to have 3 ten-man Assault squads, one unit with 2 flamers, one with 2 melta guns (anti-almost anything) and one with 2 plasma guns (anti-infantry). This would be one set of tactics that I'm used to with my Chaos Space Marines. I'll also plan to have the Death Company, planning for 12 models and I've got 7 done already - half with power fists and half without. It will also be fun, with Rhino-based vehicles getting to move faster, especially Vindicators. There will also be a Death Company dreadnought, in the form of an Ironclad that I decided to paint black with red crosses (so I've done that already).
I do also like the lo…

Additions for Eldar army

So, in preparation for a battle of Eldar v Eldar coming this weekend (March 21st), I got another transport in the form of a second Wave Serpent, armed with shuriken cannon and twin-linked starcannon (for anti-infantry punch). These vehicles will probably be used for transporting my two units of Fire Dragons about the battlefield to bring their enemies to their doom, as they will be usable in future games as well.

New Eldar models built and ready for later battle

So, I got myself some new Eldar models about a week ago, in the form of the old Seer Council box set and Fire Dragons (then I discovered 2 more Fire Dragons). Now, I've painted them all up (and will get round to posting them up later (as well as my having finally painted Phoenix Lord Karandras). That means I now have 18 Fire Dragons (1 squad of 10 and a squad of 8) and I'll get round to buying another Wave Serpent, to allow both units  to have transports. (I did have 19 or 20 Fire Dragons, but I had a spring clean and got rid of some models that I deemed superfluous).
Now, these models are ready for an Eldar battle on the 21st, before I send my Chaos Space Marines off to battle to fight in Chaos Carnage 2, starting at the end of March.

Swarmlord model built

So, the making of a Hive Tyrant into a Swarmlord is complete (at the second attempt). I took four scything talon arms, repositioned the hands so they pointed the other way around and firstly tried making the boneswords out of just green stuff. Disaster!
So, I tried again, and I decided to have an underlying structure to start from and build from that (in the form of a plasticard bonesword, fleshed out with green stuff). Second time lucky. So, here's the end result (if you want to see a higher resolution version, look at my deviantart page at

Update on forces refurbishment and new website operational

So, I've got some of the additional Tyranids stuff built/ painted - in the form of several extra Warriors, a green Hive Tyrant with devourers, a fifth Zoanthrope, more gaunts, extra Raveners (now split into two units) and extra Genestealers with scything talons (along with a Broodlord) to make a second 20-member Genestealer brood. Further plans will involve the building of a third Hive Tyrant, who will be imagined to become a Swarmlord - I'm trying building 4 boneswords using green stuff (although I could do a fall-back and use plasticard instead). I will also do another two or three Tyranid Warriors to the second unit. These models will be painted in the Zentran colour scheme, as opposed to the Gigil scheme.
If you're wondering what these colour schemes are, you can find out at my new website, at (NOTE: This website, content and images were done by me using Adobe CS4 software and you might want to use a CSS3-capable web browser) This gives infor…