Tyrannofex Conversion job

So, I played my first game using Tyranids yesterday, against a Blood Angel army (2,000 pts per player) set to 'Annihilation' mode. There was much blood and ichor shed for Baal's Blood God on the battlefield and it could have gone either way, apart from some mistakes made at my end, which fragged a couple of my units, notably the Genestealers and the Trygon.
The Trygon arrived, forgot to fire and got shot up by as much heavy and small arms fire as possible and didn't make it past its first turn. The Genestealers forgot to fleet and charge the assault marines and got shot to bits by a Land Raider as punishment.
Now, to the main point - Tyrannofex. I am basing this conversion on pictures on the GW website of a conversion done by a member of GW's staff, as well as the picture in the codex. The starting point was a Tyranid Carnifex, with its legs and weapon arms removed. The extra parts were a couple of carapace parts (to help justify the 2+ armour save), as well as three pairs of Carnifex-class scything talons (the fluff says something about being supported on three pairs of limbs, which appear to be like scything talons), as well as two Stranglethorn cannons physically combined to make a Rupture cannon (that's what the GW staff guy used) and some green stuff to help attach the cannon to the torso and fill any structural gaps.
How is it going so far? Well, the cannon is attached and dosed with green stuff and extra plates put on. Now, I'll let the green stuff set, paint parts of the talons green and then, the hard part - positioning the talon limbs and sourcing/ making a suitable base (Trygon-sized oval base dimensions). That will be for later and should be all finished, in time for a possible Sunday debut.
I'll put pictures up when I've finally got it all built (anticipation of much cursing).


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