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Tyranids Update

Well, I've acquired more Tyranid stuff, in exchange for some Eldar and I'll have, by the end of it, 3 Hive Tyrants, 3 Carnifices, 5 Zoanthropes, 1 Tyrant Guard, lots of Tyranid Warriors, more Termagants, 2 Genestealer units with Broodlords and a Lictor.

This may take a while to do, however, as I'm going to disassemble the models (the metal ones are easier to take apart), then repaint/ rebuild the models. I'll also have to figure out what armament to give the Carnifices, as they're now in units and all have to be equipped the same way. I'll probably give them scything talons and crushing claws, as a unit designed for 'can-opening'.

The Mawloc and 2nd Chaos Obliterator unit have both been built (the Obliterators have seen combat, and the Mawloc is ready to do battle next Sunday).

So, this will keep me occupied in terms of model building/ painting for a little while.

More building and conversions

So, I ended up getting another Trygon model kit on Monday, and this time, I'm going to be making a Mawloc, which is supposed to arrive from underground, blasting models above it out of the way (or killing them) but it can do so, then go underground for a turn, then come back up the following turn. This could be interesting and the model is almost finished (it will be painted green/ purple).

Next, I've decided to try the idea of two CSM Obliterator units for my Chaos Space Marines, as they seem to have a weapon for every occasion and my first unit of these guys have been doing quite well (and not getting killed that often). This time, I'm basing the models on metal CSM Terminators, I've added the green stuff and just have to source weapon parts to fit.

Tyrannofex Conversion completed

So, that's it - the Carnifex to Tyrannofex conversion is complete. It was initially based on the illustration in the codex and uses 3 pairs of scything talons as limbs and two stranglethorn cannons as a rupture cannon for long range damage. The 'oval base' is made out of a CD case and is roughly the same dimensions (apart from height) as the Trygon's base.
Here are a couple of pictures of the end result and I have submitted this model for the BOLS Tyranid Hobby Challenge.

Tyrannofex Conversion job

So, I played my first game using Tyranids yesterday, against a Blood Angel army (2,000 pts per player) set to 'Annihilation' mode. There was much blood and ichor shed for Baal's Blood God on the battlefield and it could have gone either way, apart from some mistakes made at my end, which fragged a couple of my units, notably the Genestealers and the Trygon.The Trygon arrived, forgot to fire and got shot up by as much heavy and small arms fire as possible and didn't make it past its first turn. The Genestealers forgot to fleet and charge the assault marines and got shot to bits by a Land Raider as punishment. Now, to the main point - Tyrannofex. I am basing this conversion on pictures on the GW website of a conversion done by a member of GW's staff, as well as the picture in the codex. The starting point was a Tyranid Carnifex, with its legs and weapon arms removed. The extra parts were a couple of carapace parts (to help justify the 2+ armour save), as well as three…