Tyranid Rebuild-continued

So, most of my proposals for re-building my Tyranid army are finished, as far as getting them in a usable state are concerned. I got some Raveners & a Trygon, as well as the new 5th edition codex this week. The Raveners are built, the troop units are organised (with a last minute buff to the Genestealers) and all that's left is the Trygon and I should have between 2,250 and 2,500 points of force to use (for the moment).

Here's how the force will look
Hive Tyrant - Lash whip, bonesword, heavy venom cannon, extended carapace, adrenal glands and using the Leech and Paroxysm powers
Tyranid Prime - Two boneswords, deathspitter, adrenal glands

2 Zoanthropes (I will eventually get around to getting a third one)

20 Genestealers (including a Broodlord) - with adrenal glands (pricey squad, that one)
3 Tyranid warriors - with rending claws & deathspitters
4 Tyranid warriors - scything talons, 3 deathspitters, adrenal glands & 1 venom cannon
24 Termagants with devourers
16 Termagants with fleshborers & toxin sacs
30 Termagants with fleshborers

5 Raveners - with thorax-mounted deathspitters

Trygon Prime - with adrenal glands & regeneration
Carnifex A - with scything talons, stranglethorn cannon & frag spines
Carnifex B - with crushing claws, heavy venom cannon, frag spines & adrenal glands.

Once they're all done, I'll post pictures either of the force as a whole or each unit individually. Hopefully, I'll let them play within the next few weeks, deciding on what to add on.


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