Additional Tyranid stuff

Well, I've got some more Tyranid models, in the form of two Zoanthropes (got 2nd hand) that were only base-coated black. So, I went with my revised green/ purple colour scheme (Orkhide Shade, Knarloc Green, then Gretchin Green and Liche Purple, then Leviathan or Hormagaunt Purple) and with some pinning, they're ready for battle. This means I have 4 Zoanthropes, arranged in two units of two.
I also did some trading and got 20 Termagants with Devourers (assembled and primed in white), as well as 4 more Tyranid Warriors. These new models will probably be finished in 2-3 weeks and will be painted in green/ purple. When they are done, the size of my Tyranid force pool will break the 3,000 points mark.


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