New Vanguard squad built

Well, I got myself a unit of 5 Dark Angel Veteran models, for use as Vanguard veteran models for my Space Marine army. These models were painted red, with black robes, black helmets and skulls for squad symbols. The sergeant's shoulder pads were painted black, in line with Blood Angel colour schemes. The main reason for creating this squad is mainly to act as an 'honour guard' squad for my chapter master, as though honour guard cannot get jump packs and they're all armed with power weapons to scare off enemies. The armaments for the squad are 3 power weapons, a pair of lightning claws and a power fist (in case walkers attack the squad).
I also did a partial conversion on a Terminator heavy flamer arm, for use with marines in power armour. He will be used in a Sternguard squad.
Edit: picture added


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