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New Vanguard squad built

Well, I got myself a unit of 5 Dark Angel Veteran models, for use as Vanguard veteran models for my Space Marine army. These models were painted red, with black robes, black helmets and skulls for squad symbols. The sergeant's shoulder pads were painted black, in line with Blood Angel colour schemes. The main reason for creating this squad is mainly to act as an 'honour guard' squad for my chapter master, as though honour guard cannot get jump packs and they're all armed with power weapons to scare off enemies. The armaments for the squad are 3 power weapons, a pair of lightning claws and a power fist (in case walkers attack the squad).
I also did a partial conversion on a Terminator heavy flamer arm, for use with marines in power armour. He will be used in a Sternguard squad.
Edit: picture added

Tyranid Rebuild

So, as you lot probably know, the Tyranids for Warhammer 40k are getting a new codex, which will see quite a few changes to Tyranids when it arrives next month.Well, I ended up going to my vault and discovered some Tyranid forces I still had (i.e hadn't sold off). I still had an old Hive Tyrant, Carnifex (Screamer-killer), Zoanthrope, Ravener, Genestealers, 5 Tyranid Warriors and about 40-something Gaunts. This appears to be a viable remnant for a re-build. So far, I've put all the bits for the Tryant together and re-based him on a 60mm round base. The Carnifex has been put back together as well, although I took a spare carapace part from a plastic Carnifex kit, cut it in half and put that on him, as well as a pointy tusk that I put on his head. I just have to find a 60mm base for him and that will be it. The Warriors will be in 2 units - one red, one green. The Gaunts will be all regular gaunts over 4 or 5 units, I'm not too sure about Hormagaunts, as I found them a bit too …

Why there is a minimum age limit in 40k

Yesterday, I ended up realising why there is a recommended minimum age limit at my local gaming club of 12+. I found this out when trying to play in a 40k game with 3 young children as my opponents against my CSM's. The game only got three turns before time ran out because they ended up running off and playing about quite a bit of the time, not playing the game. This activity also ended up annoying players in other games, as their actions were disruptive as well.Basically, there was the impression that children whose ages are at the single-digit level may be quite happy to paint their plastic/ metal models but they're not so interested or patient enough to actually sit down and actually play the game. So, my opinion is that while these young ones may be the 40k/ Warhammer gamers of the future, it is probably best that they wait several years (i.e. until they reach High School age) before they actually start playing. By that point, they should be more mature, able to understand …

Terminator Chaplain

This is my new Terminator Chaplain for my Imperial Space Marine army (Blood Drinkers Chapter). It's an all-plastic model, with various Space Marine parts from Dark Angels and general Space Marine sprues adorning the model. The Crozius Arcanum was the most extensive part, created from a Chaos Space Marine Terminator arm which had a power axe. The axe head was chopped off and replaced with a winged Dark Angel symbol with the bottom part cut off.
The skull head was from a Warhammer Warriors of Chaos regiment set.
Overall, this should make a fearsome looking model, worthy of the name 'Chaplain'. This is the second Terminator Chaplain conversion I have ever done, the first being a Chaplain designed for my Space Marines, when they were Dark Angels.