Results from w/e 22.11.2009

Three games of 40k played this week.
1) Combat Patrol. CSM vs Space Wolves. Two mobile special weapon-armed squads of CSM's against a landspeeder with a 2-shot firing missile launcher and a multi-melta, a regular squad and long fangs - not fun. Destroyed the regular squad and the speeder and died at the hands of the long fangs. The importance of 'death from a distance'. CSM loss (annihilated). I wonder what Space Wolves will be like in the bigger battles I'm more used to.

2) CSM vs Imperial Guard and Space Wolves (1,500 points per side)
Very one sided that one. Imperial Guard Valkyries were very evil transports from hell.
CSM loss (I got pretty much annihilated but my opponents fielded nasty forces for tournament prep - if their lists didn't kill, kill,kill, they wouldn't be much cop.)

3) Eldar vs Blood Angels (2,000 points per side)
This was an objectives battle (one objective per side). I decided to play Eldar this time, as I had already played against my opponent in the past using my Blood Drinker space marines and my CSM's (and I won by complete annihilation).
This battle ran the full distance (7 turns), probably due to both objectives being at opposite ends of the table diagonal. The Blood Angels were very assault-oriented, while I had lots of shooting, with some close combat support in the form of howling banshees, Maugan Ra and the Avatar.
The main parts of the battle were Death Company charging out of a Rhino (protected from shooting by the smoke launchers being fired in first turn [pesky cover save prevented it from being blown up!]). Backed up by an assault squad, they mostly kicked a Dire Avenger unit before the 'cavalry' arrived in the form of the Banshees tearing them apart with power weapons, with the Avatar getting in on the action after finally destroying a Dreadnought (death by a thousand cuts - took a while).
Another Avenger squad was chopped up by Terminators coming out of a Land Raider Crusader. They got wiped out by a squad of Fire Dragons and Maugan Ra killing the Chaplain.
My adage seems to be to get a unit attacked early in combat but have it within reach of several shooty units. Once that unit has been killed, the assaulting enemy wins the combat but gets shot to bits by the surrounding support.
The score was 1-1 for most of the game with both sides defending their objective well. The turnaround was in the last few turns, Eldar heading towards the other objective, aiming to contest.
This ended up with my Eldar running to the remnant of space marines, with some Avengers, Maugan Ra and a Fire Prism firing away. Finally, when I blew up the building for the last stand, Maugan Ra and Fire Dragons charged the last of the Blood Angels, reducing them to the last man, contesting the objective.
Result - Eldar win on objectives (1-0). Blood Angels lost the objective they held for most of the game and were almost completely annihilated (one model left). Well, Eldar may be a bit more fragile, but they can surely pack a punch.


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