Results from recent 40k games (w/e 15.11.2009)

So, I have played 2 games of 40k this week. The first game was on Wednesday CSM vs Black Templars (played by Caz at Kingdom Of Adventure), 2,000 pts per side. This was a brutal battle with BT squads thrashing CSM's in close combat, only to be blasted to bits by nasty CSM shooting. End Result - CSM win on kill points, only 4 marines and 2 Land Raiders left on the enemy's side.
My CSM's now felt avenged, having been marginally defeated by the Templars earlier

Game 2 was at Kirkcaldy Gaming Club. CSM's vs Ultramarines (~1,885 pts per side).
CSM victory with the Ultramarines down to 1 model at the end of turn 6. My only downer was losing Berzerkers to a mix of lots of shooting and close combat. A fast attack Ultramarine flank was humbled by a Defiler, Plague Marines and a Daemon Prince. It was somewhat embarrassing for my enemy to try firing a krak missile at the Defiler, only for it to be 3" too far away to be hit. The Thousand Sons did quite a few kills from AP3 boltguns and the 'deadly flamer'. I also gave my new Obliterator conversion models a try and they did well (killing some Terminators and taking out a Demolisher cannon). They were well worth the time and effort put into the conversion.

I'll put up a photo of my Obliterators soon and continue painting/ building up a CSM squad loyal to Slaanesh.


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