New CSMs- Noise Marines

I have decided to give Noise Marines a go and will devote some CSM's towards a 10-12 member squad of them. These guys have the potential with their sonic weapons to fire a lot of shots and strike at 1 higher Initiative than regular Marines.
They can have normal bolters, sonic blasters (storm bolters or the like with an extra shot if they stay still), blastmasters (heavy bolter firing 1 less shot on the move or a krak missile when standing still) and the doom siren (heavy flamer with 1 better AP)

The colour scheme I will use is mostly black with pink on the leg plates, torso and shoulder pads. The pink is made from a mix of GW's Red Gore and Skull White, as I've got to find GW Tentacle Pink (a discontinued paint) - I've got it somewhere.

I'll go with the options in the box first, then maybe order some sonic blasters in a week or two time (when I've got the models built)

Proposed Squad:
Champion - Power sword, Doom Siren, 7 to 9 with bolters and the other two with a sonic blaster and a blastmaster.


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