Game results for w/e 29.11.2009

Well, one game of 40k played that week. This time, it was my Space Marines getting back to battle with their new Terminator Captain. The game was an Annihilation with two players (Mel and Matt [who got nicknamed 'Smurfy'] playing Blood Angels and Ultramarines) against one (me) with 3,000 points per side.
My Sternguard squad (10 guys wearing black robes) deployed in a drop pod, which scattered 12" away from the enemy but they had a hand in killing of some of the blues, including a Captain (who died by meltagun), and two Devastator squads. My altered-Dante Chapter Master took the fight to a squad, accompanied by a 10-man assault squad, only to get ambushed by a Dreadnought and a Terminator Squad with Librarian. The Chapter Master gradually tore up the Terminators who fled off the board after their 2nd turn of combat. Dreadnought died by lots of 'Weapon Destroyed' results.
Meanwhile, my enemy's Death Company were in a Land Raider that popped smoke in the 1st round to annoy my bikes, who got chopped up. They were backed up by an assault squad. Overall, they tore up a Tactical squad before getting blasted by another 2 squads, a Dreadnought and Predator. Blood Angel Tactical Squads started getting seen to by my Terminator Captain's Assault Terminators, who were supported in their job by a Land Raider Redeemer frying some enemy up.
(How do you like Blood Angel Space Marines? Rare, Medium, Well Done or just completely ******* incinerated?)
The battle ran to turn 5 due to time constraints, by which point, the Ultramarines were down to 1 man and the Blood Angels were battered, although they did take a few squads out but none of my vehicles (mostly lascannon-equipped). End Result - Blood Drinker win on kill points!
Next weekend, my evil, brutal Chaos Space Marines get to spill blood for their gods - I'm not sure if I'll have the Slaaneshi CSM's ready by then - we'll see. Finally, the next time my Space Marines field Terminator squads, they will have two full 10-man squads to play with, as I acquired some (Blood Angel very well-painted) more Terminators.


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