Blood Drinker Terminator Captain - conversion started

I had an old metal Terminator Captain model lying around, armed with storm bolter, power fist (with aux. grenade launcher) and power sword. Currently, I have a plastic Terminator model with a storm shield and lightning claw currently acting as a Captain.
What will I do? Well, I'm replacing the storm bolter and power fist arms with the lightning claw and storm shield (plastic arms). The metal arms are cut down to just the shoulder pads and the plastic arms are cut at the top (removing the shoulders). Next, I will put the parts together and voila - a new Terminator Captain model.

What will I do with the other model? Maybe I'll find storm bolter and power sword Terminator arms, as well as a skull head, make a rod with an Imperial eagle symbol, paint the model black, adorn with lots of scrolls and I'll have created a Terminator Chaplain. Conversion work shouldn't take too long.

When I get the models painted and finished, I'll post up photos of the end results.


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