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Game results for w/e 29.11.2009

Well, one game of 40k played that week. This time, it was my Space Marines getting back to battle with their new Terminator Captain. The game was an Annihilation with two players (Mel and Matt [who got nicknamed 'Smurfy'] playing Blood Angels and Ultramarines) against one (me) with 3,000 points per side.
My Sternguard squad (10 guys wearing black robes) deployed in a drop pod, which scattered 12" away from the enemy but they had a hand in killing of some of the blues, including a Captain (who died by meltagun), and two Devastator squads. My altered-Dante Chapter Master took the fight to a squad, accompanied by a 10-man assault squad, only to get ambushed by a Dreadnought and a Terminator Squad with Librarian. The Chapter Master gradually tore up the Terminators who fled off the board after their 2nd turn of combat. Dreadnought died by lots of 'Weapon Destroyed' results.
Meanwhile, my enemy's Death Company were in a Land Raider that popped smoke in the 1st round …

Slaaneshi Marines started

I have now got 4 Slaaneshi marines painted, including a Noise Marine champion and a sonic blaster troop, as well as a couple of general Slaaneshi CSM's. Here is a picture of the Champion, which will probably need some refinement in the paint job.I might tidy up the purple hair, black/ brown ink over the bolt pistol and going over the pink armour with purple or magenta ink/ wash.
He is armed with a power weapon, bolt pistol and Doom Siren.

Terminator Captain (finished model)

Created from an old 1st edition 40k Terminator Captain. I used the body as was and removed the storm bolter and power fist arms, leaving only the shoulder pads. Additional parts from Assault Terminator plastic set - 1 lightning claw arm and thunder hammer/ storm shield arm set. These were cut at the bottom of the shoulder, keeping the weapon/ arm part, losing the shoulder bits. After that, I painted the model red, in line with my Space Marines following the Blood Drinker chapter (Blood Angel successor chapter). Finally, I cut off the metal slottabase tab, smoothed the bottom of the feet down and put him on a 40mm base.

Blood Drinker Terminator Captain - conversion started

I had an old metal Terminator Captain model lying around, armed with storm bolter, power fist (with aux. grenade launcher) and power sword. Currently, I have a plastic Terminator model with a storm shield and lightning claw currently acting as a Captain.
What will I do? Well, I'm replacing the storm bolter and power fist arms with the lightning claw and storm shield (plastic arms). The metal arms are cut down to just the shoulder pads and the plastic arms are cut at the top (removing the shoulders). Next, I will put the parts together and voila - a new Terminator Captain model.

What will I do with the other model? Maybe I'll find storm bolter and power sword Terminator arms, as well as a skull head, make a rod with an Imperial eagle symbol, paint the model black, adorn with lots of scrolls and I'll have created a Terminator Chaplain. Conversion work shouldn't take too long.

When I get the models painted and finished, I'll post up photos of the end results.

Results from w/e 22.11.2009

Three games of 40k played this week.
1) Combat Patrol. CSM vs Space Wolves. Two mobile special weapon-armed squads of CSM's against a landspeeder with a 2-shot firing missile launcher and a multi-melta, a regular squad and long fangs - not fun. Destroyed the regular squad and the speeder and died at the hands of the long fangs. The importance of 'death from a distance'. CSM loss (annihilated). I wonder what Space Wolves will be like in the bigger battles I'm more used to.

2) CSM vs Imperial Guard and Space Wolves (1,500 points per side)
Very one sided that one. Imperial Guard Valkyries were very evil transports from hell.
CSM loss (I got pretty much annihilated but my opponents fielded nasty forces for tournament prep - if their lists didn't kill, kill,kill, they wouldn't be much cop.)

3) Eldar vs Blood Angels (2,000 points per side)
This was an objectives battle (one objective per side). I decided to play Eldar this time, as I had already played against my opponent …

New CSMs- Noise Marines

I have decided to give Noise Marines a go and will devote some CSM's towards a 10-12 member squad of them. These guys have the potential with their sonic weapons to fire a lot of shots and strike at 1 higher Initiative than regular Marines.
They can have normal bolters, sonic blasters (storm bolters or the like with an extra shot if they stay still), blastmasters (heavy bolter firing 1 less shot on the move or a krak missile when standing still) and the doom siren (heavy flamer with 1 better AP)

The colour scheme I will use is mostly black with pink on the leg plates, torso and shoulder pads. The pink is made from a mix of GW's Red Gore and Skull White, as I've got to find GW Tentacle Pink (a discontinued paint) - I've got it somewhere.

I'll go with the options in the box first, then maybe order some sonic blasters in a week or two time (when I've got the models built)

Proposed Squad:
Champion - Power sword, Doom Siren, 7 to 9 with bolters and the other two with a s…

CSM Obliterators

Well, here is a photo showing my recently created CSM Obliterator conversions.
They were made from plastic CSM Terminators, green stuff to represent warped flesh you see on the originals and bits from bladed weapons and flamers, melta, plasma and other weapons.
I converted three models to make a full Obliterator cult and I wasn't short of CSM Terminators or special weapons bits either. But hey, it's a lot cheaper than £12 per model.

Results from recent 40k games (w/e 15.11.2009)

So, I have played 2 games of 40k this week. The first game was on Wednesday CSM vs Black Templars (played by Caz at Kingdom Of Adventure), 2,000 pts per side. This was a brutal battle with BT squads thrashing CSM's in close combat, only to be blasted to bits by nasty CSM shooting. End Result - CSM win on kill points, only 4 marines and 2 Land Raiders left on the enemy's side.
My CSM's now felt avenged, having been marginally defeated by the Templars earlier

Game 2 was at Kirkcaldy Gaming Club. CSM's vs Ultramarines (~1,885 pts per side).
CSM victory with the Ultramarines down to 1 model at the end of turn 6. My only downer was losing Berzerkers to a mix of lots of shooting and close combat. A fast attack Ultramarine flank was humbled by a Defiler, Plague Marines and a Daemon Prince. It was somewhat embarrassing for my enemy to try firing a krak missile at the Defiler, only for it to be 3" too far away to be hit. The Thousand Sons did quite a few kills from AP3 boltgu…

Starting post

Hello, here is the beginning of Dr Porkov's wargaming stuff and it should contain models that have come out of my conversion clinic.
My main wargames are Warhammer 40k and Warhammer, with the following armies:
Chaos Space Marines (former Dark Angels, Thousand Sons, Plague Marines, Khorne Berzerkers and Slaaneshi followers)
Space Marines (Blood Drinkers)
Eldar (Biel-Tan)

Warriors of Chaos
Daemons of Chaos

I also partake on occasions in Magic The Gathering and Space Hulk.