Cypher and the start of Genestealer Cult Neophyte unit 2

Well, that's one of the 3rd Gathering Storm Triumvirate's models done, in the form of Cypher, the Fallen Dark Angel.

Unlike most depictions, I did not paint the cloak's inside red, as I prefer to keep cloaks and robes to being all the same colour. Now, all he needs will be some squads of Fallen to accompany him. This will probably mean me getting a second Burning of Prospero box (if it is still available) or getting the Mk3 legionaries in the separate boxes. However, getting a second BoP box would save me some money and get me some more Custodes and Sisters of Silence models, to go with the 'Talons of the Emperor' box that arrived today. (The contents of that box have just been sprayed black, ready for painting)

Secondly, I have now finished building and painting the models from the Deathwatch Overkill box and have started doing a second unit of Neophyte Hybrids. To tell this unit apart from the other, the clothing is painted green and the casings of the guns are r…

Acolyte Iconward and two Neophyte hybrids

So, having pretty much come to an end of doing the 30-odd Acolyte hybrids for the Genestealer Cult (actually, 1 just have 2 more to finish off), I now present the main icon bearer, the Acolyte Iconward!

This now leaves me with getting the Neophyte hybrids done. I had already done the two mining laser-equipped hybrids from Deathwatch Overkill and these are the first two regulars. The skin is a very light green, in keeping with how I have some Tyranids that are red and green.

After these are done, it will be the turn of the 'Imperial Guard' cult minions and making a unit of 20 Genestealers to go with the Patriarch.

More Genestealer Hybrids and a Nurgle biker

Since I showed an image of a Genestealer Cult hybrid metamorph last month, I ended up getting round to and painting up some of his friends (another 21), as I discovered I had bought 4 boxes of Acolyte Hybrids/ Metamorphs. Now that those 20 models were done, I have now turned my attention to the hybrid models featured in the Deathwatch Overkill box to finish that part of the army off.
The Metamorphs are wearing green rags/ clothing and the Acolyte Hybrids are wearing grey, while the Deathwatch Overkill models have the lighter flesh colour.

After the rest of those hybrids are done, I will turn my attention to the Neophytes and transport vehicles (and maybe get a Goliath or two).

Finally, I ended up finishing the first model of a small CSM Nurgle bike squad, in the form of a champion with a power fist. The other two models will have a plasma gun and a melta gun, respectively. This model is painted up in 30k Death Guard legion colours, as I have already done 30k legion models as Death Gua…

First Genestealer Cult Metamorph done, with some Chaos Terminators

So, work has finally started on me doing some Genestealer hybrids, having bought three of the Acolyte Hybrid/ Metamorph boxes, having been waylaid by other projects. I suppose one potential complication is the fact that the main Genestealer colours I am using are not blue and purple but red and green but I wanted them to be different. (I suppose it may also be true that the first model of a particular type may be the most difficult one to do, then it gets easier after that).
Here is the first of the hybrid models done - a Metamorph Hybrid leader with lashwhip & bonesword.

Next, A couple of other ongoing projects have involved doing some Chaos Terminators, in the form of a Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle in Death Guard colours and the first of the Scarab Occult Terminators for the Thousand Sons (in 15th Legion colours). I ended up doing a different spot colour for these guys (blue instead of green), just for them to be a little different.

Next in line will probably be some heavy weapon CSM…

Some Chaos and some Soviets

Here are some models from a couple of CSM projects (Project N and Project T), a Nurgle Terminator lord with combi-melta & chainfist (in almost 14th legion colours) and a unit of Tzeentchian Rubricae (in 15th legion colours), as I decided that some of my CSM's would take on a 30k-influenced theme (apart from the Khornate ones). For the Thousand Sons, the next unit that is getting done is of Scarab Occult Terminators, followed by some Nurgle terminators.

The other project that I have done my first few models for is Project S - A Soviet force for Bolt Action which will progress gradually up to 750-1,000 points. The starter point for this was a 40-man box of Soviet infantry, which will get added to when they are all built and painted and it took a little while to research which paints in GW's range would be as close as possible to what the illustrations on the box suggest. The painted models on the box showed some variation in the colours of uniform, however and I will probabl…

New Thousand Sons

So, one thing that I have been looking forward to finally happened, with the release of all-plastic Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines. I am going to have a small detachment of these done, as part of a bigger Chaos Space Marines force which will have mostly Nurgle forces. This is just the first unit of several.

Here is a picture of three models that I have done so far out of a unit of 10. I decided on going with a red & gold colour scheme, as per the original 15th Legion's colours and is one of the schemes shown in the Wrath of Magnus books.

Coming up in the future will be Chaos Marines affiliated to Nurgle, courtesy of the Traitor Legions book, which has been the catalyst in going for CSM's renewal. I will aim to paint them up in Death Guard colours style, as per members of the 14th Legion. I should, however, be used to doing that scheme up, as I have already painted quite a lot of 30k Legion models. I will not, however, be painting up any Khornate CSM's in white and b…

A Leviathan Dreadnought and a couple of super-heavy tanks

So, I finally got round to building and painting some models that have been lying around for a few months in incomplete states, in the form of two super-heavy tanks, a Baneblade and a Shadowsword. These had been delayed due to painting/ model issues. The issues were incomplete sponsons on the Shadowsword, which was sorted by me removing them and the original colour I was using for the Baneblade did not look right (sorted by going for a darker main colour) but with a game involving super-heavy vehicles coming up, I felt I had to get my finger out and get them done.
Firstly, here are the tanks. The colours were chosen to go with the Death Guard legion and to be used either in 30k or 40k.

Secondly, I did some final touch-ups on the Leviathan Dreadnought, adding some decals as well. This means that the final models for my Death Guard will be Mortarion and a plasma cannon-wielding unit (although I will be using 40k plasma cannons for quickness).

Finally, I have started building and paintin…